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Pass The Vibez: 7 Day Audio Meditation Workshop

This is an experience designed to guide you through meditation and journaling. The guided meditation experience s full of modern mantras and sound relaxation to make meditation more obtainable. Released 2020


Written by Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator, and Published Writer. Pass The Vibes: Motivational Mantras For 30 Days is a 30 day guide to self care, love, and acceptance. We see the word mantra everywhere yet some may not know what the word means. It take us through a 30 day journey of mantras breaking down why and how they can be used in our daily lives. Pass The Vibes is a great book to use with prayer, meditation, and journal writing. It is hard to carve out time for ones self to decompress however with Pass The Vibes it is easy to take 10 minutes to reflect


3D Book 2

Ewing shares poems, writing exerts, and pieces of her personal journal to bring you into her healing corner. This is more than poems. You will have moments of reflection, laughter, and a spark of growth. Evolve is an ode to self-care and to the sisters and brothers doing the work to heal. And a reminder to feel your emotions. Experience them in a way that is productive and self-reflationary. To confront and have a conversation with the dark parts of you. Evolution looks different for all of us however the same thing is required. Willingness; the act of being open