Class Descriptions

High Energy Yoga

High Energy Vibez is designed to make you feel good and boost your energy. In this 30 min Vinyasa Flow we will ignite the full body by holding poses for 2-3 breathes. We will hit every part of our body from head to toe to open the heart, get a deep stretch, and boost our energy. All you need is breathe.

wHINE dOWN yoga

Whine Down Gentle Yoga is designed to help us relax. We will be blending Restorative and Yin Yoga to prepare for a restful night. Yin Yoga is a practice that is meant to guide us into stillness. Pillows and Blankets are welcome to help you get comfortable. Poses are held for 2-4 Minutes to aid us in deepening our stretch and letting.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a practice that is designed to calm the mind and regulate our breathing. We will spend time together breathing techniques that bring us a sense of well being and calm. We will be exploring mantras, meditative sounds, and breathing techniques that have been scientifically proven to connect to a deeper state of peace and spirituality

Donation Based Yoga

Every Tuesday we come together for a donation based class to reset and regroup. Give what you can on and off the mat.

Special Packages

3 FOR $15

3 FOR $15 is a package that allows you to take 3 classes at your own pace for $15 dollars fill free to mix and match or take your favor class.

All Access Pass

Get a dose of unlimited Live Yoga Classes for a year. No Contract or Obligations. Just Yoga and Meditation live from the comfort and safety of your home. Get Free Access To On-Demand Previously Recorded Classes When You Sign Up