Class Descriptions

Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is designed to feel like a continuous dance as we link poses together. In this 50 min Vinyasa Flow we will ignite the full body by holding poses for 2-3 breathes. We will hit every part of our body from head to toe to open the heart, tone the body, get a deep stretch, and boost our energy. All you need is breathe. Beginners are welcome.

Meditation + Gentle Yoga

In this 50 min class we will start off with a meditative breathing technique and flow directly into a gentle yoga flow to wake up the body. The goal is to hit every part of the body in a gentle way by offering the body a deep stretch. We will break down foundational techniques and alignment for a deeper understanding of the body and poses. Beginners are welcome.

Special Packages

3 FOR $15

3 FOR $15 is a package that allows you to take 3 classes at your own pace for $15 dollars fill free to mix and match or take your favor class.

All Access Pass

Get a dose of unlimited Live Yoga Classes for a year. No Contract or Obligations. Just Yoga and Meditation live from the comfort and safety of your home. Get Free Access To On-Demand Previously Recorded Classes When You Sign Up