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Holistic Health & Wellness Life Coaching

I believe everything is connected in a very intimate way. This program is designed to help you find the connection between you emotional or spiritual dis-ease in your daily life. The program last 8 Weeks and you have the option to add the component of meditation and/or yoga to truly connect with your body and inner truth. During this program we will peel back the layers of work, home, personal life, and much more. And determine which areas are out of balance and effecting other areas of your life.The holistic approach is about healing you from the inside out insuring every aspect of your life makes a positive shift.
1 Empowerment Session | 90 min $90                                                     8 Week Program | Price: Call/Email

Empowerment Life Coaching Program

Are experiencing burnout? Are questioning you purpose or career? I believe everyone has a purpose and calling in life. The key is self-discovery. This program is designed for those who are interested in achieving their goals or seeking assistance through tough transitions in the most effective way possible. The Empowerment Life Coaching Program can assist you with moving pass present and/or past hang-ups that may be keeping you from your goals. The program can last any where from 2 weeks to 4 weeks all dependent upon what the client needs to work through. During this program we will examine the many stories we tell ourselves and break unhealthy agreements we have made about our desires in life.
1 Discovery Session | 60 min $60 1 Empowerment Session | 90 min $90
2 Week Program | Price: Call/Email 4 Week Program | Price: Call/Email

Yogic Life Coaching

Trauma is the root of Stress, Anxiety, and Blockages. Using the Trauma Informed Method we will use Yoga Therapy to focus on Physical and Emotional Trauma in the body. This program is designed for those who are looking to develop better self-care habits, combat stress, and anxiety. During this program expect to journal during every session. Inspired by the Paths of Yoga as well as the 8 Limbs of Yoga each client will have different experience. We will center our sessions around yoga, meditation, journaling, and open expressive dialogue. The yoga practice is a gentle yoga flow designed to leave room for open conversation.
1 Session | $75 6 Week Program | Price: Call/Email

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