Life Coaching Programs

Spiritual Wellness program

One-on-one Spiritual Wellness Coaching is an integrative approach to wellness. Mental health, Stress management, Values, and Lifestyle work together impacting how we approach our daily life. Breathing Exercises, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Reiki Therapy will be key additives to the Spiritual Wellness Coaching Program. Trauma lives in the body and has a significant effect on our Mental, Spiritual, and Physically Health. Adding this component will allow us to shift the energetic effects trauma causes in the body. Which will have a positive impact within the coaching. Weekly check-ins will occur to gauge how weekly progress and blocks. Each week goals based on your needs and what you would like to achieve. The weekly call will be set to ensure we on the same page and right track. You will receive access to Journal prompts and charts for homework purposes. You will also receive a Mantra Devotional Journal. And you will receive access to online and in-person workshops for a year.

Complementary Consultation| 30 min $0                                                 13 Week Program | Price: $1,100

Empowerment Life Coaching Program

Are experiencing burnout? Are questioning you purpose or career? I believe everyone has a purpose and calling in life. The key is self-discovery. This program is designed for those who are interested in achieving their goals or seeking assistance through tough transitions in the most effective way possible. The Empowerment Life Coaching Program can assist you with moving pass present and/or past hang-ups that may be keeping you from your goals. The program can last any where from 2 weeks to 4 weeks all dependent upon what the client needs to work through. During this program we will examine the many stories we tell ourselves and break unhealthy agreements we have made about our desires in life.
1 Discovery Session | 60 min $60 1 Empowerment Session | 90 min $90
4 Week Program | Price: $160