Life Coaching

Nikki Dixon-Ewing owner and creator of Rose Garden Vibez, LLC and Rose Garden Vibez Yoga offers Life Coaching that is set apart from the others. Mrs. Ewing life coaching program is designed to challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone is a health way. When working with Mrs. Ewing expect a different approach to life coaching; as you will be diving into each area of your life identifying the blockages keeping you from reaching the best version of yourself. The main focus of Rose Garden Vibez Life Coaching Programs is healing holistically. Healing is the driving force because we will be peeling back layers constantly. Each person should expect to walk away realizing their power, potential. The ultimate challenge is letting go and doing the work required of them. Holistic Healing is emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Every person who receives coaching should feel like family and fully supported along their journey.

What is a Life Coach?

By definition a Life Coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

A Life Coach acts as an accountability partner. Someone who helps you identify your fears and blockages, gives you the tools to face them, and assist you in setting goals as well as achieving those goals you have set in place.

My mission as your life coach is to use my PASSION for Growth and Evolution to Guide and Educate you so that you can experience Health Holistically, Self Discovery, and Peace in a new and meaningful way. I help sift through all of your mess and organize your life in a way that destress you and empowers you. By giving you tools that equip you for you definition on greatness. As a life coach I will hold space to allow people to create space. The Motto is FEEL TO HEAL.

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