“I would like to thank you for taking time out of your life to help coach me and get my life back on track. By sending time with you weekly I learned how to gain my sense of peace and take back my power. I truly learned life lessons and new steps to create a sense of wholeness and strides in the right direction to achieve my goals.

I also enjoy your weekly yoga sessions. ” -Anon

“This has been a wonderful experience! You offered a special that went beyond what I imaged I would receive. You took your time and worked through all of my thought processes and very patient with me. Your teachings were very realistic for me to execute.  I definitely appreciate you willing to work around my crazy schedule. I am so looking forward to diving into deeper sessions with you.  thank you for all that you have done, and all that you do! It is greatly appreciated.” -Anon

Nikki has made this journey so much easier it’s ridiculous! She’s great at everything she does, she’s very hands on and makes you feel comfortable no matter how uncomfortable a position is. She helps me debunk and prepare for my week every week. She’s patient and very understanding she is great for all of your needs! ” -Anon

” In all thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.” -Anon

“Thank you soo much on all of your guidance and help along the process.”- Anon