Integrated Holistic Health & Wellness services

Offering In-person and virtual health and wellness services across the United States for Individuals, Families, Groups, and Corporate Organizations for over 5 years.

What We Offer


We offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes ranging from workshops and pop-up events to private individual and group sessions.

We offer energy healing sessions such as Reiki Therapy, Aura Cleansing, and Chakra Alignment.

We offer Holistic and Spiritual Life Coaching. Coaching session vary from group coaching and individual coaching programs.

*All services include public speaking engagements and team building/development in-person & virtually*

Why Us?

We are trained and certified in the modalities offered. We offer integrated methods rooted in cultural tradition as well as evidence based therapeutic interventions. Each service booked comes with a complementary consultation to eliminate the one size fits all mentality.